Nespresso Capsules compatible

Intensity: 7
20 Capsules

Nespresso Capsules Compatible

100% natural. No preservatives. No sugar or artificial flavoring added. 

Nero is a balanced coffee, with light citrus notes, chocolate and an intense body. 
Achieved from the mixture of grains from Costa Rica and Colombia. Ideal for people who wants to drink excellent high quality espresso coffee.

Blends range from medium roast to dark, espresso roasts and intensities of 5 to 9

Our Nespresso Compatible Capsule is self-protected, just like the Nespresso ® capsules and is perfect for the entire Nespresso coffee machine system. This type of packaging allows the drink to be kept in a PROTECTED ATMOSPHERE for 18 months, in order to preserve all the aromas until the moment you taste it.



 25 ml 40 ml